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Our health magazine is a great resource for anyone who wants to live a healthier life. Here you will find articles and advice on topics such as nutrition, fitness and mental well-being. We publish articles and testimonials on all health topics, explain home remedies and share information with our readers that help to sustainably improve health.

HealthyList FAQ

Overall Health and Wellbeing – Answers FAQ

We’ve collected some common questions from the last few weeks and months, and in this article, we’d like to provide some quick answers for overall health and well-being. Please remember that a qualified contact person must always be consulted in order to solve individual health problems. You can get advice … weiterlesen
Abstract Painting: Healthy Sleep

Sleep Apnea – A Comprehensive Guide for Sufferers and Interested Parties

Introduction to Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea, a common but often overlooked sleep disorder, affects millions of people worldwide. It occurs when breathing repeatedly stops for short periods of time during sleep. Not only does this lead to poor sleep quality, but it can also have serious health consequences. In this … weiterlesen
Healthy skin into old age

Diet for Healthy Skin: How Your Meals Can Affect Your Skin

Diet for Healthy Skin: How Your Meals Can Affect Your Skin Our skin is more than just an outer layer, it is the largest organ of the body and a mirror of our inner health. A balanced diet is essential not only for our overall health, but also for healthy, … weiterlesen
Immune system attacks body cells

Lupus erythematosus – briefly explained

Lupus erythematosus (LE) is an insidious autoimmune disease that has many faces. It can manifest itself through a variety of symptoms and affect different organs and systems in the body. The disease is chronic and can go through periods of mild symptoms and acute flare-ups. This guide will give you … weiterlesen
Healthy Lifestyle Blog

What is a healthy lifestyle? – A comprehensive guide

In our hectic world, we often hear about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But what exactly is a healthy lifestyle? In this guide, we’ll explore what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and how you can incorporate it into your life. Nutrition: The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle What would a … weiterlesen
The path to self-realization - begins in the mind

Path to Self-Realization: Guide to a Fulfilled Life

In the turbulent landscape of life , we often look for solid ground, a compass to guide us through the diverse experiences and challenges. This guide is meant to be just that compass, with five basic pillars that can serve as lighthouses for you on the path to self-actualization . … weiterlesen
Superheroine Superfoods Micronutrients

Micronutrients: How Superfoods Support Our Health

Micronutrients are essential nutrients that are needed in small amounts to ensure normal body function. They include vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals. These little helpers are involved in a variety of biological functions, including metabolic processes, immune system function, and cell development and function. They also play an important … weiterlesen

The importance of sleep quality for overall health

Introduction Sleep is not only a recovery period for the body, but also a crucial factor in our overall health and well-being. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the importance of sleep for health, the factors that influence sleep quality, and explore current science on the subject. Why is … weiterlesen
Crypto & Bitcoin vs. Pharma Assets

Bitcoin or Pharma – Opportunities and Risks for Investors

Today we dedicate ourselves to the topic of health from an economic point of view. The question of which sector to invest in is more relevant than ever in today’s volatile economic climate. Medicine, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology in general are developing rapidly, which is also a lesson from the Corona … weiterlesen

Health professionals

Being healthy means more than just eating right and exercising. Therapists, coaches, or trainers can help you live a more fulfilling life by guideing, counseling, or even healing you. Here you will find experts for professional guidance, advice and healing.

Healthy Websites

These sites are great for learning how to stay healthy and fit, avoid illness, and keep your life balanced. Here you will find external articles on topics such as: nutrition, health, fitness and more!

Healthy addresses

Your guide to health and fitness. Whether you want to get healthy, stay healthy or just be active, here you will find locations and providers nearby. Our readers and experts fill the list with healthy addresses, be it a great destination or the nearest doctor’s office.

Professional support

In the directory of GesundeListe health experts introduce themselves. Find websites, addresses and profiles of professionals. Here you will find professional help from doctors, coaches, therapists and providers, as well as self-help groups and patient counseling.


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