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Authors and bloggers can publish guest articles on the topics of health, nutrition, fitness and wellness on our blog. Guest authors are encouraged to observe the following requirements and notes. Our offer is aimed at all bloggers, authors and all those who are interested in becoming a guest author and publishing their own guest articles on our blog.

As a rule, we expect guest authors to have an article space on another website in return.

Guest posts in this blog are subject to editorial control. We only publish guest posts that we think will prove really useful to our readers. If you become a guest author, please note that we have the right to publish or not publish guest contributions at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to edit or change your guest post before and after publication.

What you should consider as a guest author

In order to publish content on our blog, you must meet these requirements;

  • You already have experience in writing blog articles.
  • This article covers one of the following topics:
    • Health, diseases, therapies
    • Nutrition, food, healthy cooking
    • Fitness, Activity, Sports
    • Wellness, Relaxation, Meditation
    • Coaching, Life Fulfilment, Life Crises
    • Beauty, Cosmetics

Here’s how we proceed:

  • Together we determine how your guest item will be labeled.
  • Links to relevant pages can be set
  • You can include images in the guest post to make it more attractive.
  • Your guest article is at least 800 words long.
  • The guest contribution should be structured sensibly. (Content and structure)
  • Our editorial team has the last word.
  • Guest posts have a normal lifecycle. (without artificial limit)
  • The same applies to our guest contribution with you.

How to send us a guest post

If you would like to become a guest author quickly and want your article to appear on our website as soon as possible, please send us the finished article with pictures to:

Please let us know:

  • Copyright notices for the contained images and graphics.
  • Your blogs and websites on which we may publish a guest article.

Important: We run different websites, so don’t hesitate to share your entire blog portfolio with us.

If you would like to clarify a topic and the scope with us first, simply send us an e-mail. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss individual conditions, we are open to your suggestions and ideas. Please describe your request by e-mail and be patient. We will respond to any serious request.

Become a permanent guest author (for agencies and bloggers)

We want to build long-term relationships with agencies and bloggers. If you would like to regularly publish articles on the exciting topics of our health blog, just get in touch.

We look forward to your texts and cooperation requests!