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Healthy List provides information on all sorts of health topics, as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle, and provides general advice and information on many health topics, as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle. Our health guide contains articles by laypeople and experts, sufferers and patients who report on illness and recovery, explain the body and describe the effect of nutrients and medications.

The Health Guide is a guide dedicated to providing friendly, clear and holistic information about health. It contains articles by laymen and experts, sufferers and patients who explain diseases and recovery from them, as well as explain the body and the effects of nutrients and medicines.

We hope that our health magazine will become a guide to health topics and a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about human health and health.

More than just a health guide

This website is much more than a guide and magazine. In addition to the health guides in the magazine, we also offer lists of healthy things, healthy places and health experts. Health experts can register with us free of charge and thus advertise themselves. In addition, reading the whole website is free! What are the benefits? We and our experts help you stay healthy!

Since we cannot cover the entire field of health care and health maintenance as a (still quite new) health guide alone, we are happy to support all health providers on the Internet. For this purpose, we offer a directory for healthy links, a so-called web directory.

Health web directory (with free link entry)

In the web directory for health you will find links from third parties. There, too, anyone can enter a link for free. The health web directory is also there for your website if you want to enter a link and promote your page.

Of course, we are also happy if you would like to link our health portal, our health magazine or one of the other areas.

Hands-on health guide

The articles in the health guide of GesundeListe usually come from our team. However, we invite you, dear readers, to send us your experience reports, articles or topic suggestions. We are happy to publish your contributions as letters to the editor, guest articles or experience reports.

Specialist authors wanted for guest contributions in the health guide

The GesundeListe, the German health portal, is also looking for new specialist authors. Just get in touch with us. Your articles can appear in our “HealthyList Expert Tips” section, or we can publish them as guest articles in the appropriate section.

Find experts in fitness, health and well-being

With the increase in chronic diseases, people are turning to fitness and health professionals for advice. Our directory contains a list of experts such as trainers, coaches and other professionals who can help with fitness, wellness and health needs.

Therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, etc.

At GesundeListe you will find experts. We are currently building a platform that will help connect people with the right doctor, trainer, nutritionist, etc. The directory will be searchable by location and type of service. In addition, lists of important qualifications of health advisors are compiled. Be one of the first health experts with us and benefit from our growth.

Who is behind

We are a team of health-conscious people who are passionate about making life healthier. We inform you about what you need to take better care of your health.

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