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How to make yourself successful as an unsuccessful health coach and fitness coach: Read the secret tips of successful colleagues! By learning from the successes of your colleagues, you will quickly become an effective and sought-after coach. Read on to discover the insider tips that successful health coaches and fitness … weiterlesen

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Introduction: Why do I want to become a trainer or coach? The fitness industry is a passionate industry. It’s a place where people can feel like they’re making a difference in someone else’s life. It’s also an industry where people get paid to do what they love. That’s a great … weiterlesen


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The ultimate guide to a healthy life Healthy List provides information on all sorts of health topics, as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle, and provides general advice and information on many health topics, as well as tips for a healthier lifestyle. Our health guide contains articles by laypeople … weiterlesen

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Find qualified specialists is a health portal that provides information about health and related topics to promote a healthy lifestyle. We present qualified professionals with CVs, qualifications and an overview of their professional way of working. Find the best doctors, dentists or other health care professionals nearby with the proximity search. Get … weiterlesen