Find qualified specialists is a health portal that provides information about health and related topics to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We present qualified professionals with CVs, qualifications and an overview of their professional way of working. Find the best doctors, dentists or other health care professionals nearby with the proximity search. Get in touch with them directly.

Competence you can trust

Find out with GesundeListe which experts there are – from family doctors to alternative practitioners to any kind of health consultant. With us you are guaranteed not only competent specialists, but also reliable information on the various topics related to health and medicine.

Qualified specialists in all aspects of health

We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you need help or not: GesundeListe will help you in your decision for your health. Maybe you want to know more about specialists and their qualifications, services and prices? Or you just want to see the list of topics we cover in the health magazine? There is something for everyone on !

Search specialists nearby or by specialty

Here you can find out which consultant or doctor is right for you without wasting time searching through endless websites or phone books! GesundeListe offers you an easy way to find your nearest doctor, therapist, nutrition professional, fitness coach and other specialists in your particular field of interest.

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