Healthy shopping at the discounter

Shopping at the discount store is part of everyday life for many people. The low prices and wide range of products make discounters attractive, but the challenge lies in making health-conscious choices under these conditions. In this blog post, I’ll give you six valuable tips on how to save not only your wallet but also your health when shopping in discount stores.

Tip 1: Checking the packaging

Why is it important?

Packaging plays a crucial role in the freshness and safety of food. Damaged packaging can lead to faster spoilage and an increased risk of contamination.

How to proceed?

  • For packaged meats, pastries, and snacks, perform the pressure test.
  • Look for signs of air or gas leakage that indicate leaking packaging.

The Pressure Test

Hold the product with both hands. Press lightly and evenly until the package feels plump. However, do not press too hard so as not to damage the packaging. If air leaks during this test, then the packaging is leaking and the inside is already contaminated.

It is best to put such goods off the shelf or to the side in the supermarket, or talk to an employee of the store and ask them to dispose of the product. Otherwise, it can happen that other customers overlook the defect and suffer damage to their health.

Tip 2: Visual inspection of fruit and vegetables

The Importance of Visual Inspection

Fruits and vegetables are susceptible to mold, rot, or pests. Careful screening can help avoid health risks.

Practical steps

  • Inspect each fruit and vegetable for signs of mold or damage.
  • Avoid buying packs with even one spoiled piece.

Tip 3: Checking dairy products

Importance of freshness in dairy products

Dairy products are highly perishable and therefore it is important to ensure their freshness.

How to proceed

  • Apply the pressure test to yogurt cups and milk cartons.
  • Watch out for domed lids or damaged packaging as a sign of possible contamination.

Tip 4: Be careful with bread and baked goods

Freshness and mould prevention

Bread and baked goods can spoil quickly, especially if they are stored incorrectly.

Tips for shopping

  • Check the best-before date and look for mold, especially in the corners and bottom parts of the package.
  • Give preference to products baked on the same day.

Tip 5: Handling frozen products

Importance of the cold chain

Frozen products need to be stored properly to preserve their nutrients and freshness.

Selection criteria

  • Make sure the products are frozen solid and show no signs of thawing.
  • Avoid products with ice crystals or water stains that could indicate refreezing.

Tip 6: Make a conscious choice between canned food and frozen food

Nutrient differences and health aspects

Choosing between canned and frozen products has a direct impact on your nutrient intake and health.

Things to keep in mind

  • Canned foods can lose vitamins and contain high amounts of salt and additives.
  • Frozen products often retain nutrients better and are closer in taste and texture to fresh products.
  • Read labels carefully and pay attention to ingredients and nutritional information.

Can discount foods be healthy?

Healthy shopping at the discounter is possible if you know what to look out for. These six tips are intended to guide you to make more conscious choices that support your health and well-being.

Remember that a conscious diet depends not only on the choice of food, but also on how we choose and evaluate it. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making health-conscious and sustainable choices the next time you shop.