Wellness trip as a gift

A reader’s report

The GesundeListe editorial team often receives comments from readers. Today we received the report of a sprightly pensioner from northern Germany, to whom his daughter presented a wellness trip as a gift, and who wants to share his experience with us and our health-conscious readers. We hope you enjoy this reading.

Wellness trip to Jena

Actually, I was skeptical at first when my daughter gave me a wellness trip to Jena. I was suspicious of just being pampered for a few days. After all, everyone knows that only the top ten thousand can afford a world where everything revolves around beauty and health! However, I had to agree with my family that rest was exactly what I needed now after a long and busy start into life as a self-employed businesswoman.

So I mentally prepared myself for a lot of boring people who have nothing else to do but take care of their well-being. Fortunately, however, I was pretty much on the wrong track, because already on my arrival at the spa hotel I was faced with a pleasant mix of travelers who seemed to cover every age group and background. There were, for example, the businessman from Berlin, the housewife from a small village in North Rhine-Westphalia, whose name I have forgotten, the professor couple from Mainz and the young author from Braunschweig.

New acquaintances and stylish ambience

The meeting went completely smoothly, as we had obviously all prepared ourselves for a relaxed stay when entering this beautiful ultra-modern and at the same time cozy hotel and were accordingly open to new acquaintances. After all, a successful holiday is characterized not least by interesting and inspiring travel acquaintances. And inspired, that was me! Because it was almost impossible to escape the stylish ambience of my domicile.

Starting with my comfortable room overlooking lush green meadows and fields, to the sumptuous breakfast and evening buffet, to the extensive facilities of sports and wellness facilities, this facility was all geared to the well-being of the guests. The tropical warm temperatures did theirs, so that I really dropped any resistance. After all, who would have thought of coming across an exotic paradise like this in the middle of Thuringia?

Sounds, Scents, Ayurveda

So I first made myself comfortable in the huge outdoor relaxation area and studied the extensive range of beauty and wellness treatments. Since Asian methods of health care have always fascinated me, I decided on an Ayurvedic massage, which literally transported me to other spheres within seconds. Because the special thing here is the unique holistic combination of aromatic fragrances, warm, relaxing oil applications and harmonious sounds in the background.

A refreshing swim in the outdoor pool and daily stays in the sauna garden, in addition to all the wonderful activities such as bowling, badminton and tennis, which I enjoyed together with the other hotel guests, made the whole thing a unique experience with a positive long-term effect on body, soul and spirit, which I can only warmly recommend to every stressful person.

Many thanks to Herbert from Bremen, the author of this text, for the vivid wellness report. We hope that he will be an inspiration to other readers. Have a good time.

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