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This list will introduce you to some habits and basics for everyday life that will keep your body and mind healthy for a long time. For more information and professional health tips, take a look at the health magazine and directories of

Between our 11 health tips, there are many relationships and interactions. Thus, a healthy body will help keep your psyche stable and healthy. A stable psyche strengthens your immune system. An intact immune system prevents chronic diseases, allergies and even cancer. Even if you can’t follow all our tips and integrate them into your everyday life, but only a few, they will have a positive effect in all areas of life and your health.

Top 11 health tips

  1. Improve body weight
    Being severely overweight or underweight has a negative effect on many parts of the body and psyche. At the same time, it is easy for a healthy person to lose weight or gain weight. If you take in more energy than your body consumes, you gain weight. A body that absorbs less energy than it consumes breaks down energy reserves (= body fat).
  2. Eat and drink a balanced diet
    Nutrition is not a high priority for many people. Food and dishes must be cheap, tasty and quickly available. For this reason, many people eat fast food. We should realize that, for example, a piece of fruit or some raw vegetable vegetables are cheaper, faster and healthier than kebabs and the like.
  3. Training the immune system
    Our immune system defends the body against diseases and germs. It can be supported in many ways so that it protects us from bacteria and viruses. A healthy diet, the right body weight, sleep and exercise help a lot. Anyone who is susceptible to illness or planning a trip to high-risk areas can also protect themselves by supplementing and vaccinating.
  4. Avoid smoking, alcohol, medication and drugs
    I don’t think we need to say much about that. Smoking damages the lungs, blood vessels, immune system and also costs a lot of money. Alcohol and drugs are also harmful in many ways. And also drugs are an artificial intervention in our “system body”, which can have many side effects and negative side effects. All this should be consumed by a healthy person only in moderation.
  5. Avoidance of highly processed food
    Put yourself in a primordial and natural human existence. In the wild, little salt and rarely animal fat is available for an omnivore like humans. The main food of our ancestors was fruits, plants and insects. The main drink was water. You don’t have to start eating insects. But you should remember that processed, fatty and spicy foods, sweetened foods or squeezed fruit juices are rarely found in the natural environment. That is why modern man should consume less of it.
  6. Sleep and wake up in a steady rhythm
    There are no sources of artificial light in nature. The original human being, as a diurnal being, therefore had very even rest and waking times. In today’s way of life, it is hardly possible to go to rest at sunset and sleep until sunrise. But you can approximate the natural rhythm of sleep by always going to sleep at the same time and getting up at the same time. Doctors recommend a sleep duration of between 6 and 8 hours. The perfect sleep duration differs from person to person.
  7. Regular exercise in the fresh air
    A machine that is not used will rust. This truism also applies to the bodies of humans and animals. Exercise activates our breathing, circulation, detoxification and, of course, muscles. Exercise in the fresh air and sunshine has many other positive effects. The ventilation of the deep bronchi and production of the important vitamin D are just two other positive factors. Exercise also increases energy requirements and helps you lose weight.
  8. Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness
    Man is not a machine, but a sentient and sensitive being. Those who only work and are active deprive themselves of the opportunity for spiritual development. If the stress becomes too high, there is not only a risk of depression or burn-out, but also many secondary diseases such as headaches or cardiovascular diseases (e.g. high blood pressure, heart inflammation).
  9. Check-ups and preventive medical check-ups
    Diseases often announce themselves long before they become acute. The classic of screening is cancer screening. Cancer that is detected too late is very likely to be fatal. However, other diseases of the important organs, such as the eyes, the heart or the brain, can also be detected and averted at an early stage by medical check-ups.
  10. Be fearless and positive
    Those who have anxiety and stress, also for their own health, get sick faster. Experts call this psychoneuroimmunology, translated: the interaction of the psyche, nervous system and immune system. The body’s defenses can decrease due to anxiety and depression or even turn against one’s own body.
  11. Maintain an active social life
    Man has always lived in groups. Our smallest group is the family. An intact family life has a positive effect on mood, stress levels, activity and self-confidence. The conviviality across direct relatives, for example in the village community, the circle of friends or clubs, also satisfies our need for positive social contacts. Social life not only has a healing effect on the mind, but also intensifies your contact with the outside world, with air, light, germs and stimuli. This trains your immune system and trains your brain with new stimuli.

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